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Kaden Fuller

San Juan College High School


My name is Kaden Fuller, and I’m 16 years old (I’ll turn 17 in August). I love swimming, hiking, movies, skiing, but most of all I love people. I really enjoy meeting new people and, getting to learn about different cultures and lifestyles.


This past summer, I had an amazing opportunity to go to Hawaii with a group of other kids on a humanitarian trip. After a couple days of meeting the locals and sightseeing, we were tasked with building transitional housing for homeless children and, with a lot of hard work, we finished the project. That trip to Hawaii gave me a taste of what UmattR would be doing - working with kids my age to make our community a better place.


San Juan County is filled to the brim with awesome kids, and I’m so excited to work with them and share my experiences with them. I really hope I make an impression so we can keep our community drug and alcohol free!

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Terri Fortner

San Juan County

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