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UmattR Teens on KNMI Vertical Radio 88.9 FM

Jim Baker, President of Navajo Ministries, highlights inspiring leaders and local programs every weekday morning at 9:30 a.m. on KNMI Vertical Radio’s “Four Corners Spotlight.” Several UmattR Teens had the opportunity for this on-air experience.

Clara Johnson, David Rodriguez, Rebecca Edgerton, and Isaiah Valdez each spoke about their extracurricular activities, busy lives as high school seniors, and experiences in being selected as 2014 UmattR Team members. Parents, family, and adult role models are the strength behind all successful young people nationwide, so it came as no surprise when each teen answered as such when asked, “Who has made a difference in your life?” This was also a common thread when interviewing the 28 candidates who applied for the 12 positions on this year’s UmattR Team.

The knowledge of what is proper or reasonable is obvious when Clara said in her UmattR interview, “The negative health, financial, legal and emotional consequences of both drug and alcohol abuse are well established. The things I would like to accomplish in my life will be difficult enough without having to deal with such an expensive, unhealthy, and consuming habit as drug or alcohol addiction.” UmattR Teens are bright, successful, and civic minded not only because of their own determination, but also because of the difference adult role models have played in their lives. This is why it is so important to place real life role models, such as UmattR Teens, in front of our children. Click on the article “How to Change a Teenager’s Life” by Dr. Marilyn Price-Mitchell to learn about five qualities in adults that matter most to teens.

View more photos of the interview here.

By: Greg Allen

Executive Director

San Juan Safe Communities Initiative

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