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Youth In Action: Sticker Shock

Smith's Food and Drug opened its doors to Youth In Action, a local alcohol prevention campaign. Sixteen youth and adult volunteers placed 1,325 stickers on packages of alcohol that is typically appealing to a younger crowd. The "Sticker Shock" campaign reminds adults that it is illegal to provide alcohol to someone under the age of 21. It is important to know that providing alcohol to a minor is a fourth degree felony in New Mexico and a conviction can yield 18 months in jail, to include a possible $5,000 fine. This does not account for attorney fees and the detriment that a felony record can do to your future.

Youth In Action (YIA) is in association with the national (MADD) (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) campaign, however YIA is sponsored by our local San Juan County Partnership. The Mayor's Teen Advisory Council (MTAC) and Farmington Public Library also support Youth In Action endeavors. Mayor Tommy Roberts cultivates community service and civic engagement with our San Juan County youth by encouraging leadership and volunteerism. MTAC gives youth the chance to have a one-on-one discussion with Mayor Roberts and converse about teen issues but also those issues that affect us all.

San Juan County Partnership, MTAC, Mayor Roberts and the Farmington Public library invite any young person between the ages of 12 and 18 to contribute to our community (San Juan County) and join them the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm in the Teen Zone at the Farmington Public Library.

“The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.”

~ Robert F. Kennedy

See pictures of the event (UmattR News)

By: Greg Allen

Executive Director

San Juan Safe Communities Initiative

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