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Hannah Freeman's Christmas Post

Merry Christmas from Hanna:

Hi everyone! Christmas is around the corner and it’s always fun to take part in seasonal traditions! When I was little, my mom encouraged me and my sisters to be generous with everything that we had, especially during Christmas.  She gave us what she called “Shepherd’s Baskets,” in which she put a dollar every time one of my sisters or I did something thoughtful or generous for somebody else. On Christmas Day, we would empty out our baskets and count up all of the money we had earned and then pick out a gift from a charity magazine to donate to a family in need in a third-world country. This simple tradition has evolved throughout the years and now, even though we don’t have Shepherd’s Baskets, my sisters and I continue to find ways to give back to those around us during the Christmas season. Some of my favorite service activities this year have been delivering Meals on Wheels, organizing a sock drive at my school, and ringing the bell for the Salvation Army Red Kettle. I encourage you all to find ways to give back this season and help make someone else’s Christmas special. Merry Christmas! 


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