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Izzy Kelly Christmas Post

Merry Christmas from Izzy:

Hi everyone!


After Thanksgiving, my family and I go to Vallecito and cut down a Christmas tree. In the morning we go to Durango to get a tree cutting permit and then we drive to Vallecito. On the way there, we play Christmas music and drink hot chocolate. We look while we drive up the mountain, usually for an hour. Once we spot the tree, we inspect it up close. If the tree is good, my dad will cut it down, put the tag on it, and strap it to the car.


Every year on the way down the mountain, my whole family takes turns pointing out all the trees that look better than the one we got, but once we cut a tree, we have to stick with it. We collectively decide that no matter what the tree looks like when we put it up in the house, it is the experience we had that matters.


Christmas is such a happy holiday and a great time to show appreciation. Having the ability to spend time with my family making memories makes it easier to remember the reason for the season!


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