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Meet Taya Hatch

Taya Hatch from Farmington High School:

Hey everyone, my name is Taya Hatch, I am a new member of the 2022-2023 UmattR team! I am going to be a senior at Piedra Vista High School. I am a part of the volleyball team; I’m also involved in key club and PV pals. Some of the other things that I love doing would be anything I can do outside! I love hiking, swimming, skiing and even shooting my bow. I also love reading so much, every night I always read before I go to bed mainly because that’s when I have time. A fun fact that

not many people know about me is that I play the piano and the violin! I love playing them but playing them in front of people scares me, this is why many people don’t know.

This summer has been filled with tons of fun stuff that my family did! At the beginning of the summer, we went to purgatory and

participated in an archery shoot with a bunch of friends! My family loves doing things with our family friends, we are always spending time with them. Another fun thing we did this summer was host Connie Mack players! This year we had 6 players, lucky us we had the nicest players ever! We had so much fun and always love a good baseball game.

Hopefully through this next year you guys can get to know me better, and I can’t wait for our upcoming events!


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