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​ What is the "You Matter" Program?

The UmattR (You Matter) program promotes High School Seniors who have diverse interests and are committed to living drug, alcohol and tobacco free.  They serve as role models to younger kids while at the same time honing the skills necessary to become our future community leaders.  They excel in various extracurricular interests and skills, including athletics, FFA, photography, music, dance, computers or other such positive activities.  The UmattR Team presents their positive message, encourages children to become involved in community activities and promotes making good decisions so that other young people may also become future role models themselves.

Each senior is featured on their own trading card displaying their favorite activities which they autograph for younger students following their presentations.  The back of each card lists the UmattR Teen's activities, school, grade point average, and future plans along with their personal message of how they stay drug free.  These cards serve as a reminder to each child that many high school aged students are drug free and can aspire to be role models and future leaders as well.  Each UmattR teen will receive a $1000 scholarship for their 11 month commitment to UmattR service to our community.

Make A


Real world role models for San Juan County children.

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