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Teamwork by Eliza Merrion

Teamwork by Eliza Merrion:

Teamwork - Teamwork is a very important aspect in both sports and in life. I’ve played soccer my whole life along with tennis, a little bit of basketball, volleyball, swimming and running in relays. Being a part of all these teams has taught me so much about trust, ambitions, goals, motivation, and joy. I believe all great teams include these aspects. Everyone working together, pushing each other, and putting in the work to obtain a goal greater than yourself is one of the most rewarding feelings. I think being a good teammate means holding your team accountable as well as yourself, practicing with high intensity like how you would in a game only makes everyone better. All these aspects of teamwork and being a good teammate can reflect many other scenarios outside the field as well. Moving/Fitting in - For my senior year I made the decision to move to Utah and finish my high school career where I would be able to attend school face to face and have a sports season. Leaving all my friends and what I was comfortable with my last year of high school was very hard. However, when I moved to Utah, I tried out for the soccer team and met so many amazing girls, and throughout the school year I’ve met some really cool people. For me it was super helpful to get involved and put myself out there when trying to meet new people and fit in. It is also important to keep an open mind and a positive attitude wherever you are. I think people are naturally attracted to those who radiate good energy, and of course, be yourself.


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