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PVHS & FHS - Safe Prom Message

San Juan Safe Communities Initiative, City of Farmington, and Farmington Police Department wish a safe and enjoyable experience to those attending Piedra Vista and Farmington High School prom this weekend.

YRRS - Youth Risk & Resiliency Survey is conducted every other year throughout New Mexico middle schools and high schools. 15.1 % of San Juan County high school students reported being a passneger with a drunk driver in the 2013 survey. Fortunately this behavior has declined 3.7% since the 2011 survey.

The good news is that 84.9% have chosen to not ride with a drunk driver.

Memories are made from the positive experiences we share with friends and loved ones. Enjoy your night and avoid being a statistic.

2013 YRRS – click to view the 2013 YRRS Survey for San Juan County High Schools

2015 COF FPD SJSCI partnershipPVHS Prom Message.jpg

2015 COF FPD SJSCI partnership FHS Prom Message.jpg

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