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Korbin Peterson Christmas Post

Merry Christmas from Korbin:

Hi, my name is Korbin! One of my favorite Christmas traditions has been decorating Christmas trees. Not only does my family have a large real Christmas tree we buy, but me and my siblings also have mini-Christmas trees we each decorate in our bedrooms. Over the years, we’ve each collected new ornaments and decorations from family and friends that we hang on these personal trees. My family also collects Nut Crackers. Every year, we get new nutcrackers which we set out on shelves around our house.

My least favorite tradition has to be baking Christmas cookies. For many people, this would probably be an enjoyable experience, yet when my family bakes Christmas cookies, we go all out. Each year we bake around a thousand different types of cookies over the span of two days. From the time we start to the time the cookies are delivered, everyone in my family is stuck baking, making cookie dough, or preparing cookie plates. Last year, I even had to make all 1000 cookies by myself because the rest of my family was too busy. It's such an exhausting process and I wouldn’t mind dropping the tradition for a year or two ha-ha.

Another family Christmas tradition is pulling Christmas poppers at dinner on Christmas Eve. Each Christmas popper always has a paper crown which we wear the rest of the night! Each Christmas Eve dinner is always special for me because I get to spend time with my grandparents who live in Kirtland. They don’t come to Farmington much so playing games and opening presents with them on Christmas morning is one of my favorite parts of Christmas.


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