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Gillian Tull Christmas Post

Merry Christmas from Gillian:

Every year since before I can remember we have set up luminarias on Christmas Eve. This is a tradition that my dad’s family did when he was growing up, and we have continued it. We dig up the needed sand, get the proper candles, and fold bags until it feels like folding bags is the only thing we know how to do.


During the day on Christmas Eve, we fill all of the bags with sand and place a candle in each bag. I always enjoy setting them up. We line our driveway and the front of our house until we run out of filled bags.


After returning from Christmas Eve church, we make grilled cheese and tomato soup. Just before dark, we go outside and light each of the luminarias. Once every candle is lit, we put on our pajamas and drive around looking at Christmas lights.


When we come home, it is completely dark, but our driveway is aglow from the luminarias. I love this tradition because it feels like Christmas; we must plan how many bags and candles are needed. Seeing each of the bags glowing on our driveway also feels like Christmas.


When my sister and I were little we thought the luminarias were a runway for Santa to find our house, and I still like thinking about it that way. That is our Christmas tradition and Merry Christmas.


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