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Friendships by Britney Redhouse

Friendships by Britney Redhouse:

I’ve always thought about the types of people I have kept around in my life and the ones who I’ve let go. It’s a tough decision to make especially for the longer lasting friendship. As people grow, they tend to grow out of the person you once knew and that’s a part of life. Others choose a different path and they’re not always good ones. I’ve learned it’s okay to walk away from friends who have found a new crowd or have always dragged you into tuff situations. Friends play a major role in your life and are the biggest influencers. A lot of the times I overlooked many bad decisions from people I called friends instead of realizing I was making them too. For me finding good friends was hard but cutting ties with my old ones was even harder. I wanted a friend who would help me grow in ways I didn’t know were possible. Chase after my goals and uplift me in times of need. Types of people who stood strong against temptations and want the best for you. I know someone may come in mind as you read this, and I encourage you to keep those people in your life. Every good decision you make is because of them! Finding new friends doesn’t have to be a scary as you think but the rights ones will find their way :) I wouldn’t be where I am today without the good friends I have in my life. 🤍


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