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Meet Gabi Frost

Gabi Frost from Farmington High School:

Hi, my name is Gabi Frost and I am a new member of the UmattR team! I want to start off by telling y’all a little about myself. The first and most important thing about my self is that Jesus is the guide of my life. I try my best to put God first in my life above all other things.

I enjoy being involved in my youth group pursuing a relationship with the Lord. Next, I love being outside! I can be hiking, biking, playing soccer, skiing, anything outdoors I just love it! Another fact about my self is that my family plays a huge role in my life. They support me in school, spots, and anything I am passionate about. I see them as much as I can with my busy schedule, and they keep me grounded. When I’m not busy with activities, and spending time with family I really enjoy spending time with friends. With my friends we enjoy playing volleyball, skiing, swimming, and just hanging out. Another fact about my life is that I’m from Texas I lived there for 4 years from middle school to the beginning part of high school. I moved back to New Mexico because of family and my dad’s job. But enough about that I want to tell y’all about what I did this summer! This summer was a really good and fun summer. I spent most mornings on the soccer field practicing 6:30-8:30. I got to spend my mornings getting good exercise and playing my favorite sport with my teammates. I also went on a couple hikes this summer with my friends and family. We went to ice lake, adrenaline falls, cascade, and potato lake. Lastly, I spent a lot of time with friends at Connie Mack or at the aquatic center playing volleyball. I hope y’all got to know me a little better can’t wait for the rest of the year!


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